Thursday, May 14, 2009

Corrections/Analysis of May 12th Election Results

Note: in the listing of Absentee Ballots, the zero on Ed Johnson's tally dropped off. That number should be 50 absentee ballots cast for Ed Johnson. Johnson's total vote count, which included the absentee votes, was correctly reported as 706. This typo occurred in the rush to get tallies up on this site election night and we regret the error.

Click here for the ballots cast per voting district.
Some Analysis:

Although the Time4Change ticket was made up of first-time candidates, it showed strongly in this election. One out of every three voters chose a Time4Change candidate. Election tallies show only 1278 ballots cast, out of a possible 7,772 registered voters - for 17%, the lowest turnout in more than 8 years. (City Clerk Steve Kay is checking to see if it broke a record in the city.)

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