Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Saints Shine on Time4Change

Time4Change has won the top spot on the ticket in the drawing yesterday at City Hall. See below and photos.

The Time4Change Ticket today landed first place on Asbury Park's May 12th ballot, in a blind selection administered by City Clerk, Steve Kay. Present were Tony Perillo, Maureen Nevin, Rosetta Johnson, and Elisabet Pacheco, of Time4Change, Heather Jensen, representing candidate Amy Quinn, candidate Harold Suggs and Garrett Giberson, AP Fire Inspector, who said he was attending as a taxpayer.The Ballot order is as follows:

Johnson #1

Nevin #2

Perillo #3

Michel #4

Pacheco #5

Suggs #6

Quinn #7

Incumbents #8 - #12

Photos from Saturday's KickOff

Click on this link to see photos.

Thanks for everyone who came out or paricipated through their donations and good will to the KickOff Party for Time4Change, the only slate challenging the incumbent council of Asbury Park.