Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time4Change's Perillo Smokes Out Story for APP
See today's Asbury Park Press (link above)to learn what the city has been doing behind the scenes with Asbury Partners, which now admits it's trying to restructure its debts with lenders.
Reporter, Nancy Shields, quotes the source for the story being Anthony Perillo, a candidate for AP city council. She doesn't identify him as part of the five-member Time4Change ticket. Shields quoted from what Perillo said at the mic during his 3-minutes in the Meet the Candidates Event at Asbury Tower. During the same event incumbents actually called the seniors in the audience "narrow-minded" and "myopic" for objecting to the construction of a 15-home development between their building and the ocean.
Shields never attempted to interview Perillo after the meeting, even though he lingered until after Shields had left. Instead, Shields made small talk with Time4Change candidate Kevin Michel about the various night spots in Montclair, where he went to college.
As for the story, where is the interview with or comment from The Partners' lenders? Who are the lenders?
Why did the city meet with the partners to discuss their financial wherewithall behind closed doors??? This is the city's future. Don't we have a say in it? The two sides, according the Press, have decided the way to go is more affordable housing. Where's the public's input on this? Do we have to hitch our wagon now to the same broken caravan?

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