Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time4Change on WYGG 88.1 FM

You can call in to Asbury Park's own radio station, WYGG 88.1 FM and, to question candidates for council on Tuesday and Thursday nights, from 8:30 - 11 pm. Time4Change has been on several times. The other candidates, including the incumbents, have yet to acknowledge their invitations.
The call-in number is 732-775-0821.
Photos: The beautiful Jean Baptiste does translations for us from English to French Creole and vice versa. Time4Change candidate Tony Perillo (in baseball cap) answers questions on the city's finances and stalled redevelopment. Duckens Sejour is the WYGG News Director and the other gentleman is Amsden Bernier, a City resident who served on the Board of Education has also questioned candidates on the air.

WYGG is providing a valuable service with this free forum. Candidates and citizens alike should take advantage of it before election day May 12.

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