Thursday, April 30, 2009

Political Group Endorses Tony Perillo for Council

AP Action, Asbury Park's gay and lesbian political action group, endorsed Anthony Perillo today for Asbury Park City Council.

"AP Action's endorsement of me is encouraging because it shows that its members understand my commitment to represent all members of our community and that they're serious about tackling our City's financial crisis," said Perillo.

The organization scored the candidates as follows:

Amy Quinn 60, Tony Perillo 59, Ed Johnson 59, Sue Henderson 59, John Loffredo 55, Maureen Nevin (a Perillo running mate) 54, Rosetta Johnson (a Perillo running mate) 54, Mayor Kevin Sanders 52, Harold Suggs 50, Deputy Mayor James Bruno 47.

Quinn, Ed Johnson, Henderson and Loffredo were also endorsed.

Go to to see comments the PAC made on various criteria for all candidates participating. The candidates' questionnaire responses are also posted there.

"While I do appreciate AP Action's endorsement, I strongly support all members of the Time4Change ticket," said Perillo. "We share the same vision for Asbury Park and the changes that need to be implemented to stabilize the budget and bring together the diverse communities that comprise our vibrant City."

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